~ Restaurant ~

Ancient Flavours

Discover the traditional cuisine handed down by our grandmothers, those of festivals and conviviality: a combination of Abruzzo and Marche traditions.

We will be able to show you good restaurants already in our country 2km away, where you can also find a small supermarket.
Family restaurant

~ Ancient Flavours ~

In the restaurant we offer traditional cuisine, prepared with ingredients from our garden.

In an intimate and welcoming environment our Restaurant is open from April to October on weekends.

The use of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the vegetables and fruit from our garden, the eggs of our hens, contribute to offer you a healthy cuisine.

We are committed to ensuring that our crops are free of any chemical treatment.

You can taste local cold cuts and cheeses, produced at "0 Km" and the excellent wines that the territory offers us.

Among the specialties we remember the organic spelt polenta, the chitarrina di Campofilone all'abruzzese, spelt linguine with seasonal vegetables, delicious soups, fried cheese with breaded spelt and cream of grandmother Emilia.
In hot periods you can eat outdoors.

Family home

~ Groups & Ceremonies ~

Villa Fiore is the ideal place for your special events or to rediscover the flavors of the past with a group of friends.

~ For your important moments ~

For your safety

Covid-19 Our Customer Safety Procedures and Rules of Conduct

Guidelines for a peaceful and relaxing holiday!

Information on our security procedures

To improve your security we have modified some of our services as well as inventing new ones and we have temporarily modified our commercial policies. We are sure that also thanks to your collaboration we will be able to discover together a safer health holiday without any waiver.

Trade policy:

  • Ensuring the highest quality of our services
  • Promoting the proper functioning of all our processes
  • Improve the experience for a quiet and safe holiday for all our guests.

We have decided to use only 30% of our accommodation capacity.


How your vacation changes:

Arrival and Check-in:
At your arrival always wear the mask, at check-in you will find the reception equipped with a transparent barrier, near you will find a handy gel dispenser to disinfect your hands, use it!

  • In addition to the normal practices of arrival, at check-in you will sign an informed consent form and acceptance of our regulations.
  • During your stay you will need to wear the mask unless you are alone in large outdoor areas, wash your hands often and use the gel dispensers to disinfect your hands.


Appartamenti e Camere sanificati e sicuri:

  • Il tuo appartamento o la tua camera, oltre alle nostre scrupolose operazioni di pulizia da sempre previste, ti verrà consegnato dopo una completa operazione di sanificazione. Da questo momento disponi di un appartamento o camera sicuro in cui nessuno entrerà per tutto il periodo di soggiorno.


La clorazione e disinfezione ne fanno un luogo sicuro. La capienza della piscina è molto ampia affinché possiate avere la distanza interpersonale di sicurezza ed anche di relax. Avrete una zona con lettini sanificati e ombrellone già disposti solo per voi.

Important: respect safety distances when bathing.

Restaurant and Breakfast Room will be closed

Sporting Activities

  • For sports activities, you will always have the use of our garden and large open spaces.


Dear Customers Enjoying a peaceful and safe holiday is easier than you think but we need your full cooperation. All guests of Villa Fiore are required to respect the following rules of good living together:

Self-certification and Informed Consent:
Once at the agriturismo you will have to sign a special declaration and accept the rules described here for your stay.

Keep a distance of two meters from all other customers who are not your roommates.

Personal hygiene:
Maintain good hand hygiene by washing hands well and often with soap and water. Avoid bringing your hands to your face by touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Quando ci si toglie la mascherina in piscina, bisogna metterla in borsa o in tasca senza mai appoggiarla su tavoli, sedie e superfici.
  • Mascherine rotte e usate non vanno mai abbandonate, ma vanno smaltite negli appositi contenitori.

Health Status:
If you experience any of the following symptoms:
Cough, Conjunctivitis, Body temperature >37.5 ^C, Nasal congestion, Headache, Diarrhea, Weakness, Loss of taste and smell, Difficulty breathing.

You must:

  • Isolate yourselves immediately in your room
  • Notify the reception of the Agriturismo immediately.

Uncooperative attitudes detrimental to the health rights of other guests and employees cannot be tolerated. Not respecting the simple rules of cohabitation described means violating the laws of the Italian State, any violators will be immediately reported to the competent authorities.