~ Villa Fiore ~

Charming agriturismo in abruzzo

Nature - Relax - Silence
Villa Fiore

~ Welcome ~

For us, Charme means attention to detail for a cozy atmosphere in an ancient and refined architecture surrounded by a picturesque landscape.

Enjoy the freedom of this place, run on the lawn barefoot, smell the scent of the air and the sun, carefree enjoy a bruschetta with olive oil, drink a glass of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, fall in love with the rolling hills and the landscape to let go and be happy.

Welcome to our charming country house for a vacation for connoisseurs and lovers of Italy.

We are very happy hosts to welcome you and to have pleasant people as guests at home

Family residence

~ Ancient Farmhouse ~

An old farmhouse dating from the end of the 18th century, which has always belonged to our family, stands in the beautiful hills of Abruzzo, 15 km from the sea and the mountains. Today it has become a charming farmhouse in Abruzzo.

Refresh and rest

~ The Pool ~

Surrounded by the wonderful landscape that our Abruzzo region offers and with a splendid view of the Gran Sasso and the surrounding hills, the cosy swimming pool is the ideal place to refresh and relax.

ancient charm

~ Hospitality ~

The rooms on the upper floors have been converted into comfortable rooms and flats that preserve the integrity of the old materials.

Double Rooms

For couples and singles


to be independent
authentic flavours

~ Breakfast ~

In the panoramic veranda you can enjoy breakfast with a good cappuccino accompanied by fresh bread, jams, local meats, homemade cakes, cereals, fresh fruit from our garden or from nearby farmers.

For your safety

Covid-19: Our customer safety procedures and rules of conduct

Guidelines for a peaceful and relaxing holiday!

Information on our security procedures

To improve your safety, we have modified some of our services and invented new ones, and we have temporarily modified our commercial policies. We are confident that, with your cooperation, we will be able to discover together a safer and healthier holiday.

Commercial Policy:.

  • Guarantee the highest quality of our services
  • Promote the proper functioning of all our processes
  • Improve the experience for a peaceful and safe holiday for all our guests

We have decided to discontinue the restaurant service.

A more responsible service and lots of space for you!

How your holiday changes:

Arrival and Check-in:
At your arrival always wear a mask, at the check-in you will find the reception with a transparent barrier, near you there is a practical gel dispenser to disinfect your hands, use it!

In addition to the normal arrival procedures, at check-in you will sign an informed consent form and acceptance of our regulations.

During your stay, you must wear a mask unless you are alone in large open spaces, wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitising gel dispensers.

These are the rules of the hotel

Sanitised and secure flats and rooms:
Your flat or room will be delivered to you after a complete sanitisation process, in addition to the scrupulous cleaning we have always carried out. From this moment on, you have a safe flat or room that no one will enter for the entire period of your stay

Chlorination and disinfection make it a safe place. The capacity of the pool is very large so that you can have a safe and relaxing distance. You will have an area with sanitised sun loungers and parasols laid out just for you.

Important: respecting safety distances when swimming.

The restaurant will be closed..

Sports activities

For sporting activities, you will always have use of our garden and large open spaces.


Dear Customers enjoying a peaceful and safe holiday is easier than you think but we need your full cooperation. All guests of Villa Fiore are required to respect the following rules of good coexistence:

Self-certification and Informed Consent:
Once in the farmhouse you will have to sign a special declaration and accept the rules described here for your stay.

Respect a distance of two metres from all other guests who are not your room-mates.

Personal hygiene:
Maintain good hand hygiene by washing your hands well and often with soap and water. Avoid bringing your hands to your face and touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Use personal protective equipment:

  • When taking off your mask in the pool, put it in your bag or pocket and never place it on tables, chairs or surfaces.
  • Broken masks are not suitable for use in swimming pools
  • Broken and used goggles should never be abandoned, but should be disposed of in the appropriate containers

Health status:
If you experience any of the following symptoms:
Cough, Conjunctivitis, Body temperature >37.5 ^C, Nasal congestion, Headache, Diarrhoea, Weakness, Loss of taste and smell, Difficulty breathing.

You must:

  • Isolate yourself immediately in your room
  • Notify the reception immediately

Uncooperative attitudes that violate the health rights of other guests and staff cannot be tolerated. Failure to respect the simple rules of coexistence described means violating the laws of the Italian State; any transgressors will therefore be immediately reported to the competent authorities.